I have worked as a translator of various types of documents from the mediaeval and renaissance periods. I am able to provide translations from Latin into English and also from English into Latin.

I have won a few modest prizes for translations from Latin, and am able to write competent verse in both Latin and English.

Latin to English

For translation from Latin into English, I charge a flat fee of $5.00 and then 8 cents per word.

So, if you want three Latin words translated into English, that would be $5.00 + $0.24.

A 2,000-word document would be $5.00 + $160.00. 

English to Latin

Converting English into Latin is more time-consuming: AUD$5.00 + 0.12/word.

So, ten English words would be five dollars, plus 12 cents per word, coming to $6.20. Not a bad investment if it's something you are to have tattooed on you ad perpetuum.

I've written more about my experience and qualifications on the ABOUT page.

These rates are flexible, and can come down, particularly for longer texts, so do CONTACT me for further information.