Greetings. My name is Craig.

My background in Latin

I began studying Latin in 2009 as an undergraduate at Monash University. After my three years of classes there, I have tried to find various ways to improve my Latin: in addition to daily private study, I have also had further instruction at Sydney University’s Latin summer school, attended a two-month long intensive course in the U.S. taught by Reginald Foster (who was the ‘Pope’s Latinist’ at the Vatican for forty years), and have completed on-line courses in spoken Latin through Paideia and the Schola Latina Europæa et Universalis.

Teaching experience

I have been teaching Latin privately for the past seven years, and have now had more than sixty students. Most of these have been school kids, ranging from grade 7 to year 12 — some really struggling with even the basics, others very accomplished but looking for outstanding results. I also have university-level students who need Latin for postgraduate work, again with a range of ability — some complete beginners, others just looking to develop their skill. I have also taught adult students who come to Latin with no academic impetus, but rather an amateur's curiosity about or interest in the language. I’d like to think that I help all of these students, but I want to get through this page without saying anything about how wonderful I am, so let’s leave that there.

As well as private tuition, I run a Latin class at Monash University for postgraduate students.

I have become quite familiar with the Oxford and Cambridge textbooks that most schools seem to use, and with the materials provided by the VSL for students studying by correspondence. With adult students, I prefer to use Ørberg’s Lingua Latina series, but also have and am happy to use Cambridge's Reading Latin and Wheelock’s and other books.

Translating Experience

Over the past few years, I have translated dozens of different documents from the middle ages and renaissance for postgraduate history students. These have ranged from papal bulls to private letters to funeral orations.